Cent Remmy opens up on all happening around his career


Cent Remmy whose story surfaced online two weeks ago for raising Coronavirus alarm has addressed his fans on the whole drama.

He said, “First of all I’ll like to inform Nigerians that I was never tested for Coronavirus in the first place which still leaves me surprised on how and why Nigerians tagged me positive without being tested.”

Explaining further, Cent Remmy hinted that what really happened in the airport was just an attack that led to his constant coughing and difficulty in breathing.

“I was heartbroken when I saw myself tagged a COVID – 19 patient without been tested. I was not tested for the virus and seeing me coughing is not enough reason to speculate such news. I had an attack that led to the coughing and difficulty in breathing and that wasn’t the first time it happened,” he stated.

The talented artiste also shoved off the assumptions that it was a deliberate stunt , he said, “ This part got me the most to be honest. Who pulls such stunt at the airport? So, disappointing how people could think of such because there are medical professionals that attended to me inside the airport. Does that mean the stunt was also planned with them or are they not professional enough to detect when such sickness is faked? I think it’s time we call a spade a spade & a shovel a shovel! Also the second video where I was arrested by the police, truly the Nigerian police force was in my apartment but what brought them was a something entirely different. I wasn’t taken out of the apartment.”

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Furthermore he claimed the whole issue has affected his music career positively and negatively, “ Making me known to majority is a positive effect on my career but to be tagged Coronavirus patient is a negative one. I never took advantage of the situation to release a new music, my song AYE Audio and Video have been On ITunes Pre order before the rumor broke out on the internet.

However, another interesting thing is that I have already made a song with the whole saga.

I recently released a new track titled, COROCORO.”

CENT REMMY – CORO CORO (Produced by Tiztext)